Teacher training is the most necessary part of the work we do. By training the people of BF to be the teachers their people need, we inspire a powerful ripple effect as young adults learn to teach using positive methods of discipline, thus raising disciplined and caring children who are motivated, who make wise decisions, who learn self control, and who grow, knowing how to love and encourage others as they were loved and encouraged.

The founder working in BF, LP, provides a variety of activities from studies of the Word to practical teacher training, but also works with a community of others to offer a variety of resources.

“One of the most rewarding aspects is watching the transformation take place in the young adults who come to us with little understanding of the Word and no teacher training. They themselves have never experienced education which nurtures, encourages, employs creative teaching techniques and strives to ensure the success of all children; so with the help of others, we help them evolve from overwhelmed interns to competent, loving teachers.”

In October 2006, with the support of generous donors, we worked with an existing organization to open a new private elementary school in the town of Yako. The three-classroom building gives priority to orphans, many of whom would not be in school without this opportunity.  The school was quickly recognized for its top-ranking results and gained favor with the Department of Education.


Through the process of developing that first school, Lynn realized how great the need for schools modeling positive discipline and new teaching strategies:


“As we realized the country’s need, not only for additional school buildings, but for practical teacher training, we began identifying villages which did not yet have a school.  BFO schools are transforming younger generations who will one day transform villages as we teach the Word through education, loving and encouraging students of all abilities.”


In time, it also became evident that not only were our schools meeting the needs of the villages, but that other – sponsored by other organizations and even by the government – were interested in learning more about our methods as they saw our students’ excellent academic progress without the strict and sometimes harsh discipline that many were accustomed to using.


In January 2010, we celebrated the opening of another beautiful school in the village of G., where we started with a single first grade classroom and have now expanded to three classrooms.  In 2011, we celebrated the opening of our school in the village of W. which also now has three classrooms.


As our teachers continue to gain experience and expertise leading classrooms (with an average of 25 students), our goal of creating a model of excellent education that can spread and multiply throughout the country, is being brought to life by the people themselves.