Projects and Updates

Water for the village!

We attempted drilling for water in the village of W. three times.  The fourth time was the charm!  This is one of the villages where BFO has three elementary classrooms; and they desperately needed water. The most exciting part is the location.  Before drilling, a survey team identified the most likely ... READ MORE

Falsely Accused!

A young woman, Tounda, was living in a small village in the courtyard of her husband’s family, along with her husband, three children, and pregnant with a fourth.  A neighbor and his brother asked if he could borrow the husband’s moto and he agreed; but they had an accident and ... READ MORE

Rainy Season

Rainy season typically starts mid-June and ideally, continues through September.  Unfortunately, the rains often begin late or not at all; and at times they come with a vengeance.  Year to year, one never knows what kind of crop will be harvested in November.  It's such a fine balance - obviously ... READ MORE

From Mom’s Living Room to the Desert!

Did you see what I did to my mother's living room back in June 2015?  Those supplies were eventually packed, inventoried, and loaded onto a container which was shipped to us in the village.  I finally got up the courage to open the doors to see what awaited me. Did you ... READ MORE

New Year Sponsorship PARTY!

PARTY!! We had a team of college students and their professor visiting, and they helped us pull off a good time for the younger children.  The students lead children in decorating their names as they talked about how each of them were created unique.  There were a variety of fun ... READ MORE

Food Distribution

Every quarter, we host a food distribution for our sponsored kids.  It's a busy day!  We distribute 200-lb. bags of corn to 120 of our sponsored children, along with soap and a local favorite drink "beesap".  Our BFO teachers are fantastic at loving on these kids and always make it ... READ MORE