The primary focus of Burkina Faso Outreach is Christian Education.  We have been building Christian schools since 2006, led by the Lord to build in villages which do not yet have a school or a Christian church.  However, the building itself is not the main component necessary for developing Christian Education.  The most necessary component: “Training teachers to be disciples and those disciples to be teachers”.  The second important component is the ongoing relationship developed between BFO and the people of the communities in which we build. Read more.

We can literally help alter a child’s future by teaching them about Jesus Christ, educating them, making sure they are fed and keeping them healthy.  We can also provide care for widows who are often left alone to fend for themselves in this harsh environment.

Through the Sponsorship Program, we provide a link for “sponsors” to make a difference in the lives of individual orphans or widows.  Read more about those in need of a helping hand.

Most families survive harvest to harvest and often experience drought during the anticipated 3-month rainy season which inevitably brings famine.  Unexpected illness forces families to roam door-to-door, begging a few dollars to save a relative’s life.  The much-needed rain beats down on the mud-brick homes, causing them to crumble, often while a mother and her children are sleeping inside.  Although primary school is affordable for many at approximately $5/year; in order for a child to continue on to junior high, the family must scrape together a minimum of $100/year.  Many must abandon school because this is simply not possible.

Through our Community Assistance Program, families have a place to turn.  Burkina Faso Outreach is able to meet a variety of needs  from providing bags of grain to the family who needs a helping hand until the next crop comes in, to rebuilding fallen homes, providing the funds for unexpected medical emergencies, and paying the school fees for high school students who don’t have a monthly sponsor.

Over the years with the support of those such as Joyce Meyer Ministries and First EFree Church, we have been able to provide grain to thousands of refugees and those in prison, build homes for the victims of devastating floods, and come alongside other organizations working together to bring relief in times of crisis.  Read more.