Projects and Updates

Water for Wedkingo!

We've tried drilling for water in the village of Wedkingo three times.  Fourth time was the charm!  This is one of the villages where Burkina Faso Outreach has three primary school classrooms; and they desperately needed water. The most exciting part is the location.  Before drilling, a survey team identifies most ... READ MORE

Tounda’s Story

Tounda was living in a small village in the courtyard of her husband’s family, along with her husband, three children and pregnant with a fourth.  A neighbor and his brother asked if he could borrow the husband’s moto and he agreed; but they had an accident and one of the ... READ MORE

Rainy Season in Burkina

We are in the midst of rainy season.  Unfortunately, the rains arrived late and then came with a vengeance; so it's hard to say at this point what kind of crop will be harvested in November.  It's such a fine balance - obviously too much rain floods the fields and ... READ MORE

Spring Newsletter Now Available

Read about the coup d'etat in Burkina and the recent terrorist attack; but more importantly, read what's been going on with Burkina Faso Outreach in the midst of it all.  To access the Newsletter go to the News page and click on the Spring 2016 link in the Newsletter column ... READ MORE

Join Us Saturday, May 21st, For a Special Evening at Vin de Set

Please join us at Vin de Set's Malt House Cellar (2017 Chouteau Ave, St. Louis, MO) for a special evening with Burkina Faso Outreach on Saturday, May 21, 2016, 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Lynn Peters with Burkina Faso Outreach would like to invite you to an evening of drinks and appetizers, ... READ MORE

From Mom’s Living Room to the Desert!

Did you see what I did to my mother's living room back in June 2015?  Those supplies were eventually packed, inventoried, and loaded onto a container which was shipped to us in Yako.  I finally got up the courage to open the doors to see what awaited me. Did you know ... READ MORE

Fostering True Christian Education

I've just returned from a visit to a village on the outskirts of the town of Fada, Southeast of the capital city.  We drove a total of six hours each way over some horrendous roads.  There was no dodging the potholes.  We just took it slow and bounced right through ... READ MORE

New Year Sponsorship PARTY!

PARTY!! We had a team of college students and their professor visiting from Messiah College and they helped us pull off a good time for the younger children.  Dr. Angela used a creative approach to evangelism with Mr. Potato Head!  The students lead children in decorating their names as they ... READ MORE

Terrorist Attack in Burkina

Everyone has heard the news of the terrorist attacks in Burkina Faso.  It started in one of our favorite spots, Cappuccino, a great place for a coffee and a good book; then moved across the street to the Splendid Hotel.  I was half a mile down the road with a ... READ MORE

CONGRATULATIONS to Burkina Faso – A New President after 27 years!

This is such an exciting time and a historical moment for Burkina.  After 27 years under the rule of President Blaise Compaore, the population had the opportunity to democratically select the president of their choosing among several candidates.  Congratulations to the Burkinabe and the newly elected President Kabore. Blaise Compaore was ... READ MORE

Coup d’Etat ended!

The coup d'etat which started on September 16th when Presidential Guard (RSP) General Gilbert Diendere, temporarily overthrew the transitional government, has ended. You can imagine the panic in this country when impostors announced they'd taken the interim President, Prime Minister and two Cabinet Members hostage.  Overnight, they (the RSP) declared a ... READ MORE

Container On Its Way!

I'm happy to report the 20ft shipping container was filled to the brim just before I left the U.S.  The Lord came through for us and took care of all the details in ways you can't even imagine.  The container is scheduled to leave the port Monday, the 27th of ... READ MORE

Food Distribution

Saturday, the 10th of October, was a busy day!  We distributed 200-lb. bags of corn to 120 of our sponsored children, along with soap and a local favorite drink "beesap".  Our BFO teachers are fantastic at loving on these kids and made it another fun day.  They shared the gospel ... READ MORE

Back in time for Summer

I arrived in Ouagadougou on the 13th of July short all three of my suitcases.  Don't worry - prayers were answered and I had them back a week later in good enough condition. I made it back just in time for our rainy season.  Burkina has two seasons - rainy season ... READ MORE